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Tips For A Disney Family Reunion

Family Experience - Disney World Vacation

Make An Itinerary

It is important to have a plan to make the most of your time wisely and explore as much experience as possible. This may get a little difficult during family gatherings, however, it may be better to prioritize your entire travel plan to make sure everyone knows what they want. Magic Kingdom, the source of magic for most little children, offers wandering characters that sign signatures, hug and pose for photos. Watching Tinker Bell while flying over the theme park during the show will always be a magical experience.


In surplus to the Disney World Showcase pavilions in 11 countries, exhibitions example Test Track and Mission Space Simulators Tour at Epcot offer the right link of advanced technology and sensations to satisfy adults and older kids. Epcot has also replaced Maelstrom with Frozen Ever After.

Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Orlando is Park’s response to Disney Universal Studios Orlando in Florida. 3D movies, street characters, and delicate turns are based on heroes like Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story, Frozen, Star Wars, Disney Junior, and other shows. At night, back to Fantasmic, thirty-minute fireworks show with sounds and characters of movies such as Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Peter Pan.

Animal Kingdom

In one of Disney’s newer theme parks, Disney Animal Kingdom, there are a number of fascinating African animals that now live comfortably in Orlando central Florida, stroll in front of the luxurious Animal Kingdom Orlando Lodge and easily tolerate the Kilimanjaro’s Safari Tour. A 14-story tree of life theater carved in the park shows an imaginary interactive 3D movie ideal on “A Bug’s Life,” which even brings fear to adults. Particularly popular and appreciated by all ages groups, no matter how anxious, travel with Kali Rivers Rapid in peak style.

Disney’s Magical Gathering

The Walt Disney World in Orlando has been an icon of family vacations for a long time, so it is possible for three generations to remember it as a special place. “It’s great to travel or just sit by the pool and catch up, you can even have fun at night if that’s what you do.” Disney’s “magic meetings” offer a special experience for groups staying on the first pass of the Disney hotel. For information on attractions, shows, and recreational activities for all ages, as well as restaurants for larger groups, see the Magic Encounters section on the Disney website mentioned at the main address. These include the Kilimanjaro safari in the animal section of the Kingdom of Africa and the spirit of the Aloha dinner event.


Groups of eight or more people sleeping on the Disney property can register with Disney’s Magical Gatherings. This program offers options that are not available for small groups or day-to-day travelers, such as a night cruise with fireworks or a special dinner, and an Animal Kingdom safari. Groups that occupy 10 or more rooms are automatically transferred to a special sales office, which offers discounts of 10 to 35 percent and other facilities. With the events offered by Magical Gatherings, other small groups will probably be with you. However, if it reaches the limit of 10 rooms, dinner and special events can be private. While magical meetings are limited to a series of activities and programs, the sky is the limit for larger groups. At Disney, you can celebrate parties in fantastic places like the EPCOT the Living Seas VIP underwater lounge. Or you can hire the entire attraction for a private dinner: after the rock follows Indiana Jones at the Disney MGM studio, your group will be invited to the dinner stage and the rest of the event will be at the registered table. The rates for special group events are negotiated and vary according to the season and demand.

As a great meeting, there are exclusive options for your group to participate in. (To schedule one of these events, you must have at least 8 people in your group). Remember to purchase your Disney tickets with time to acquire the best prices for a great vacation!

Find an Orlando Vacation Home for your Family Reunion

There is much to explore at Walt Disney World for a family reunion so come check it out!

International dinner and Illumination Dessert Reception

The program is organized by “Aunt Roz” at the Odyssey restaurant in Epcot. This international dinner is buffet-style and offers dishes from five different countries. While enjoying your meal, stories and live music are provided. This show features some of your favorite Disney characters that join the crowd on the dance floor. If you are celebrating a special occasion, tell Aunt Roz and she will take it from there. After enjoying your evening of food and pleasure, “Lighting: Earth Reflection” will be accompanied to the observation area scheduled for the night, where a delicious dessert buffet will be served.

Safari celebration dinner

This special event begins with the Kilimanjaro Safari at the end of the day. You will meet your tour guide in the Disney Animal Kingdom of Asia section and accompany them on their tour. After your safari, eat at the Tusker House restaurant. With an African-inspired cuisine, a family-style dinner is served. During the meal, Disney characters are available for photos and entertainment. As a bis, you will see the exotic animals of the animal kingdom. Birthdays and special occasions are recognized.

Good morning Gathering

Hello! And welcome to Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in Magic Kingdom. Here Tony invites you to a delicious breakfast. Mickey and his friends are there to take beautiful photos and have fun interactions. Tony would like to see a special event. The guests who celebrated the anniversary were sung with “Bella Notte”, a classic song by Lady and the Tramp by Disney. After a memorable start to the day, he selected an entry for “Mickey PhilharMagic.”

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